Tasked with not only improving B&B's online presence but also moving their brand on visually. Developing the colour pallet helped with improving the sites navigation as well as bringing a sophisticated London Art Deco look and feel to the brand, inspired by the existing typography and the restaurants interiors and 1920's London Underground stations. 

Client: Black & Blue


Shooting the Corvette badge for technical brochure and other collateral. Corvette could only supply a yellow car so we had to retouch it to red.

Photography: Leon Pearce

Feel more alive is a competition microsite which allows users to post their "feel more alive moment" onto the site. These moments can be pictures or videoes, and are easily shared on social media sites like Twitter and Facebook. Entries are entered into monthly competitions. 

Client: Exodus


In January 2009, DLR opened its 40th station at Woolwich Arsenal and, to mark the occasion, wanted to produced a unique commemorative publication. A Brief History of the Docklands gives readers an informative and entertaining insight into the history of each Docklands location that is served by a DLR station. The document records some of the historic highlights, extraordinary events and fascinating facts that have shaped the development of the Docklands.

Client: DLR 

I saw some typography engraved on a communist monument in Hungary. I copied it and it evolved into something new and a little bit different.

Accenture asked us to brand their internal employee referral programme. Their aim is to increase recruitment by 20% by getting their existing employees to introduce people within their networks to Accenture. There were also a number of deliverables to produce as part of the campaign. These included microsites, email campaigns, instructional telestration videos and an employee referral web app.

Client: Accenture

Margate has created a unique style all of its own with its boutique retro shops, restaurants and arcades as well as its Victorian seaside heritage. Located on the seafront, Bís branding was designed with all this in mind, taking inspiration from Turner, Victorian typography and architecture and the Dreamland lights of the amusement park. B's will be serving ice-cream to the hot sunbathers and warming up the winter travellers with hot chocolate and waffles.

Client: Bernie’s Chocolate Bar

The aim was to inform the business community of the benefits of easyJet's new baggage allowance. The adverts had to have a clear strong message that could work across a broad range of media. 

Online responsibilities included pan European web banners. Created in flash they were to support and continue the printed advertising message. Visual templates were also developed to maintain visual consistency of the website. 

Client: easyJet

Working as an art direction/copywriting team we were tasked by McCann Health to come up with key visual concepts. These concepts would need to communicate Aveenoís key product differentiator. We also had to demonstrate how these concepts would translate across the brand.

Client: Aveeno 

The idea behind this concept was to show Vauxhall's commercial vehicles in a more realistic scenario. Rather than the highly polished and staged photography usually found in literature, we wanted to convey how these vans were used in real situations by real people, from Scottish Power to your local builder. We treated the shoot as reportage as far as we could and interviewed the operators to create the story for the piece. 

Client: Vauxhall
Photography: Julian Calverley

Some old illustrations created in illustrator and photoshop. There are some fun ideas there which I'd forgotten about. I think fun personal work sometimes helps lead into more creative work when coming up with ideas for clients.